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Roasting Bear Creek Coffee

cooling-tray-2-300x225.jpgRoasting coffee is the dynamic transformation of the seed (or bean) of the coffee cherry under the extreme elements of heat, air and time. Through this process the coffee bean is transformed from its harvested and processed green state to the brown finish color we are so familiar with.

Roasted properly with care and attention the sugars in the bean have been caramelized to a delicate and appetizing degree of taste. At Bear Creek Coffee we utilize the traditional old world method of roasting by means of a small batch drum roaster. Our artisan style roasting is accomplished by guiding the coffee thru the roasting process. By applying just the right amount of temperature and time we can bring the coffee to its desired profile level and hit what we call the coffee's 'Sweet Spot'.

COMMON ROAST LEVELS City Roast: taken from the drum just before or right at the beginning of the second - crack. Medium brown color-city roast will accentuate acidity, and allow many nuances, or varietal characteristics to show through. Full City Roast: approx. 10-20 seconds into the second crack. This is darker brown lit color. Acidity begins to diminish here, some characteristics of the bean will be diminished. Slight dark roast nuances begin to creep in. Espresso Roast: Sugars are really caramelizing now. The bean is in transition from dark brown to black. Varietal charchteristics are greatly diminished in most origins at this level. Acidity is lower, Body is bigger. Vienna Roast: Continued darkening of the bean, black now. Not quite the bitter sweetness of French roast.

HOW TO JUDGE COFFEE There are four elements by which a cup is judged.

  1. AROMA: How intense and pleasurable is the aroma
  2. ACIDITY: The bright, dry sensation that brings the coffee to life
  3. BODY: The sensation of weight giving resonance to the taste
  4. FLAVOR & AFTERTASTE: Everything else not covered in the Big 3 ... sweetnees, wine like, lingering etc...